1. Residential (Villa, low-rise & high-rise buildings and commercial property construction
  2. Balance service road, pre-cast kilometer stone fixing, kerb laying, kerb painting, median/island filling and other related work in the state of Haryana and Rajasthan.
  3. Providing, laying, and compaction with selected earth behind Reinforced Earth Structure (RES) structural excavation, filter media and other dversion works in flyover in the state of Haryana
  4. Providing and laying drain (pre-cast and cast in situ), pipe culvert and other related works
  5. Lastly, ensuring the successful completion of work by clearing and cleaning the project-site before and after execution of works (and all such related activities)


  1. IS-five six for concrete
  2. IS-three zero two five for potable water
  3. IS-two three eight six and IS-three eight three for testing for aggregate
  4. IS-nine one zero three for admixture
  5. IS-four eight one for cement testing